Friday, November 02, 2007

touchy touchy

well, i got lambasted earlier today for sharing (via email) a concise breakdown of a (clearly generalized, but still based in truth) list of defining beliefs for today's republican. this is interesting to me because instead of coming back with other information to refute these points or clarify his own thinking on these topics, i was criticized for sharing this by a self-proclaimed republican, who then accused me of being indecent for not asking about his personal beliefs. i'm pretty sure that email was an open invitation to debate. and i found it pretty interesting at what level of indignance he responded.
and by the way, i'm a registered independent, so i get all kinds of propaganda and criticism. :) i also think anyone who's afraid or unwilling to look at their own beliefs (or those of a party, if they are a die-hard party member) and consider others are living in ignorance of the facts, and ignoring the possibility that the reality doesn't fit the idea anymore.
at any rate, i would think this was amusing if it didn't scare me so much. if the supposedly intelligent & open-minded of my generation can't even respond to criticism of their political stance with confidence and fact and conviction (beyond complaining about being called out) i fear that our country will continue to elect "leaders" who do not have the well-being of the country at heart. only that of their party, and usually that of the most hardline of that party.
this goes for democrats too, mind you. i just happen to believe that the current administration deserved to be addressed specifically, which is what that email did. and it just happens to be republican.
well, another one bites the dust. i can't believe people think differing opinions can't make for interesting & enlightening conversation between intelligent adults instead of rifts in relationships. i think that is what i call close-minded.
eh, what can you do? and if yr gonna say "shut up," i have to say that will never happen. i believe in free speech~sorry! :)


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