Saturday, December 01, 2007

greedy? sorta....

so here's what i plan to do when i win the mega millions!
  • lump sum it if it's under $100 million
  • put half into investments & savings (including some real estate)
  • complete the college funds for my nieces & nephews
  • give each family member some bucks (# depends on jackpot!)
  • give the people who make my survival job bearable a few grand, as well as the few true friends i actually have
  • find an amazing script to fund (and star in, natch)
  • donate to handpicked charitable organizations involving women, animals, and CF research
  • take a NICE vacation (nice=long and to many places)
  • restore my man's vintage mercedes & get my own vintage mustang working~once i find it
so there! i plan to share a lot of the money, put it to some good use, and generate more for my family's future. i think that should put me on the short list for "deserving."

don't you?
c'mon universe! hand it over!!


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