Wednesday, April 12, 2006

anniversary of smobriety

yes, my lovelies. as of today i have been 100% completely smoke free for 2 years. pretty pleased with myself. there have been plenty of people in my life over the years who never thought i would make it a week let alone 2 whole frickin' years. of course, none of them are you, cause i EXPELLED them from my life of positivity... :)
at any rate, happy to say i haven't had a single puff and even though i do still think of it, do still have the occasional craving.... i am oh-so-glad that my life is no longer run by the demands of nicotine.

that being said... if they figure out a way to smoke that won't kill me.... i'll be first in line for a drag, dammit!


Blogger Edward said...

An ex-smoker myself for many years I can appreciate the ongoing cravings. Congrats, you'll live longer!


11:18 AM  

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