Monday, October 16, 2006

things i plan to do before i'm 40 REVISED

1. run the nyc marathon
2. climb kilimanjaro
3. skydive
4. go on safari
5. write a book~working on it
6. travel to the continents i've yet to visit (africa, asia, antarctica, south america)
7. volunteer with habitat for humanity
8. hike into/camp the grand canyon
9. finish learning to ski
10. learn to tango
11. become fluent in at least one other language
12. replace any remaining hand-me-down furniture with chosen pieces
13. buy a home
14. have a pedicure
15. pierce my nose (again)
16. get fresh flowers for my home every week for at least 3 months
17. take my nieces and nephews on an outing
18. fall in love (again)
19. walk the moors of scotland

anything you think i should add, toss it in. maybe write your own. would love to know what you all want to do in your upcoming years.