Tuesday, August 30, 2005


  • gas = $3+ in some stations already. not that i can dare complain--not like my apartment building got leveled or anything.
  • patch thinks my feet are kitty chew toys.
  • scamp has exhibited an amazingly gymnastic method of getting where he's going.
  • rasp (i think i like that abbreviation better than raspy.... hmmm....) has an affinity for rolling on his back.
  • baxter (aka, hisser/sweetpea) is out playing like a normal kitty on occasion when he thinks i'm not looking.
  • the kitties all seem to be pretty well potty-trained but one.... and i think it's actually bax just being obstinate. pretty sure he knows just what he's doing. you know kitties.
  • ivan seems less angry. and even has a bit of (somewhat suspicious) curiosity. i think he plans to eat the kitties while i'm at class. nonetheless, he's not growling anymore....

to ivan's dismay...

i brought home a litter of 4 foster kitties today.
ivan's pissed, but what can you do...... i'm trying to get back on his good side with some catnip. we'll see what happens.
meanwhile, look at my beauties!

this is the hisser. he/she doesn't have a real name yet, nor have any of them been sexed as of yet. they are fresh off the boat and needed bathing and feeding and calming, in hisser's case. once i get to know hisser a bit better i'll assign an appropriate name. the rest are all taken care of. hisser was just added to this litter today. the other 3 had been together for a while and he seems to be a bit older. so he's very traumatized and hissing and snapping, biting, etc. i manage to get him calmed down a bit at a time, but as soon as my attention isn't constant he reverts right back. but since he will calm down a bit i have hope he'll pull through and become a model foster kitty.

next is "scamp." i wanted to name this one scavenger, because (s)he is crazy nutso about getting to the food. even toppling over a bag of dried food 10X his size and almost getting crushed beneath it. and forget stepping on his siblings' heads... he just shoves 'em outta his way.
and he meows loud and constant in a campaign for more.
here i was sitting on the floor and he's climbing up the front of my shirt cause he thinks the camera is a spoonful of food.... i understand why--he's tiny!
anyway, scavenger became too many syllables right off the bat, so my natural inclination toward the abbreviation "scamp" seems perfect.

okay, this little guy i named before we even left the shelter. he's "rasputin." yeah, you know who i mean. and it's because he has an extra dose of fuzz on his face that makes him look like he's got a fuzzy grey beard. (he's also got a nice round kitty belly.) unfortunately, he's a bit camera shy, and after 5 tries, this was the best shot i could get of him. he thinks he'll have his soul stolen if he looks directly into the lens...
i guess it'll become "raspy" for short...

last but not least we have "patch," shortened from patchwork, cause of his coat. you can't see too much in this picture, but he's got the crazy amount of different colors mixed into his coat. absolutely adorable and sweet too. he would probably be my favorite except i adore them all. even though i've been bitten thru to blood 3 times already and scratched all to heck. my legs (bare of course) became instant trees to climb when i stood up.

anyway, here's the babies! i'll keep y'all posted on progress. if anyone wants to adopt in a few weeks let me know! probably about 3-5 weeks they'll be ready to go. meanwhile i am EXhausted. 4 babies and one fat, pouty adult is a lot of cat tending for one girl!

Monday, August 29, 2005

katrina hits home

so i filled up my gas tank around 12:30 today. it was $2.71 a gallon.
always fun spending $40 to fill up your tank...

then i drove by the same station on my way home 4.5 hours later, and the price is now $2.79.

wonder what it will be by tomorrow....

i need a subway.

Friday, August 19, 2005


okay, so since i rejoined a gym, and have gotten back to working out 4-5 days a week, i have been seriously slacking off over here in the blog department. also in a few other life departments, but like y'all want to know about that. at any rate... i feel really great though...

okay, so.
i promise promise promise to post about the rest of my trip by this time next week.
also, i have much travel planned for september and october so if i don't catch up now i may fall behind forEVER.

and by the way, looks like i *will* make it for a day or 2 of oktoberfest, so i am exceedingly thrilled about that! should be a grand old time. mum wants to try and visit some familial locations over there too so it'll be an interesting trip. just on the tails of that will be a trip to see the grandfolks, whose heritage we will be steeped in, so it will be a great thing to relay all that to them.

meanwhile, regular life is a bit slow right now. i mean, not that i'm not busy, but i wish it were with more work than it is. i am having a ton of fun though, and that's always good. unfortunately, all that "fun" is depleting my funds a bit, so i may need to curb myself for a while. or, say, get a survival job (gasp!). that is an absolute LAST resort!

okay, that's about all you can handle for one blog, right? catch you in a few days!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

i just have to...

now everything is starting to make sense....

Friday, August 12, 2005

my reputation deceives me

i just discovered the most inane thing. on the west coast when you say you "hooked up" with someone, it means you had sex. now, this would not be really startling news, except that on the east coast (and in the midwest, for that matter) if you hook up it just means ya made out!
you know, innocent smooching and groping and stuff.

there are at least 5 people running around l.a. right now thinking i put out due to this bi-coastal word freak.

eh. they probably thought i was easy anyway....

Thursday, August 11, 2005

is it possible?

that i can make a trip to germany and JUST miss oktoberfest?

okay, people, give me all your brain power vibes, cause i must find a way to make this work!

after all, i already just missed the highland games when i was in scotland!


Saturday, August 06, 2005


did i mention that musicians are hot?


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

i hate eating my brussel sprouts.

just a metaphor~i love brussel sprouts. yummmm!

but you know how much it sucks when you have to do something you know is good for you even though the whole concept makes you wanna scream, cry or kill someone. (or all of the above and not necessarily in that order.)


on another note, i realized today that i have been remiss in posting the other "episodes" of trip. so i will try to get on that before the weekend. keep me outta trouble too :) so, sorry about the delay and stay tuned!