Friday, July 29, 2005

kowabunga, baby!

okay, so surfing rocks. and is the most exhausting thing in the universe.
i am gonna be so sore tomorrow....

but i had an absolute BLAST, and my instructor (bill at santa monica surf school) was awesome!

however, i am so exhausted that i am going to bed. this is way early for me, especially on a friday night! that goes to show ya how wiped out i am. i can't even bear to try and answer my email.......

nighty night......

Thursday, July 28, 2005

okey dokey

so, after dropping another $500 bucks into mathilda (feel like i'm paying alimony), she's supposedly fixed. and at least for the time being. who knows what might go next? i'm betting brakes. any takers?

BUT i did determine that the surf lesson "bad karma" was okay, cause i ended up getting a better instructor with a better deal, and private instead of group lessons for the same price. and all because i couldn't start my car. so...maybe i jumped the gun a bit...forgot that everything happens for a reason and all that kismetty-type stuff.

also good career stuff happened yesterday (which i will cover in the other blog when i can~still have something pending till next week) so i really got reminded to stop b*tching so much.

i'll try to remember. i'm sure y'all will remind me if i step outta line.

anyway, surf lessons start TOMORROW!!! and my new and improved instructor worked on "blue crush" (giggle) so i figure he'll be pretty good. wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

frickin' karma!

i do not know why, but apparently i have some horribly bad karma following me around. many things have been going wrong for me over the past few days and i do not really understand. is mercury in retrograde or something absurd like that?

this morning, i woke up very excited for the first time in a long time (not a morning person). i had my first surf lesson scheduled! yay!! y'all know i've been looking forward to this.

so i get all prepped and packed up and get together fresh clothes and my notebooks and stuff for the meeting i have after that, toss some water and fruit in my bag, yadda yadda...

and i get all settled in my car, turn the key and i hear....CLICK.


mathilda has been doing this off and on once in a while over the last two months, and usually if i give her about 5 minutes, she'll start.



now i know what you're thinking. "jeez, why didn't she bring it to the mechanic when it started happening two months ago?"

well, the mechanic (my buddy darryl, who, if you recall, just replaced the transmission in this heap of crap car a few months ago...guy must be laughing all the way to the bank...) told me that i shouldn't bring it in if mathilda was behaving. so three appointments and three cancellations later, because the symptoms went away, here i am. and they can't see me till thursday morning. do you have *any* idea that today and tomorrow are the only days this week when i have a bunch of stuff scheduled?? and who wants to bet that by thursday she'll be starting up just fine?!?

i must have done something really bad this weekend. what did i do........? what on earth is wrong with my karma? i swear... seems like the harder i try to stay away from negative energy, the more it's showing up and screwing up everything else.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

constant rolling of eyes

dating in this town is the most absurd, surreal (not necessarily in a cool, fun dali way) experience i have ever had. and people are ridiculous. sometimes i swear it's like they were never taught how to behave.

i don't know if it's because half just want to get laid and half just want to get married. i don't know if it's because i'm crazy or just not desirable as a date. maybe it's just that my heart's not really in it.

i don't know....just don't know.

what i do know is that the 5 or 6 dates/interactions with potential dates that i have had over the last 2 weeks were completely weird. i just decided to start dating again and i already want to bury my head back in the sand.

so i think i was right when i decided not to date for a while. being plain old single is way easier than dating in this place. and much easier on my ego, for cryin' out loud. grumble.

Monday, July 18, 2005

aw, potter-ites!

ain't my nieces and nephew cute? they were on their way to a party to celebrate the new harry potter book release.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

the upside

now i know that the temperatures we are having this week (90-110) are pretty normal for the valley in the summertime. however, we have been having an exceedingly mild season here in l.a. and this came on rather suddenly. so what's the upside of a heat wave? you can breeze thru it happily by doing either of these things: going to the beach, or going to the movies.

today i got to do both!

yup, today was my first official beach day of 2005. that means not just visiting the beach~i do that a lot. this means lounging around on the sand in my bikini and then boogie boarding till i have sand scrapes on my knees and bruises on my ribs. yeeeeehaw!

and the film: dark water. i give it a....well, just put it on your netflix list.

can't wait till i start surfing.........

Sunday, July 10, 2005


...for my favorite thing: food. yup, i'm on the last day of my fast (not a juice fast this time, 3-day cleansing instead). and it's over tonight at 9pm.

i have found that day 2 of this fast about killed me, whereas the juice fast was reasonably easy. today, i got up and went for a run, which i think helped, actually. i was afraid my energy level would decrease too much so i didn't try until the last day, and kept it short, but i actually feel great today! way better than yesterday. just craving those food flavors i so adore.....

Thursday, July 07, 2005


today is the first day i have ever been glad that l.a.'s public transportation is shit.

and a rare feeling of relief that i no longer live in nyc...which i am sure won't last long, but the subway threat was always my biggest fear after 9/11.

i feel so much for the people in london, having been in nyc for the 11th. i also understand now how it feels to be outside of it all, looking in. i hope that the death toll doesn't continue to rise and that this is the extra impetus which will cause enough security to stop all this.

meanwhile in the back of my head, i can't help wondering if they would have hit nyc had the olympic bid gone through for that city instead of london.

anyway, as i go about my day like the rest of the world, i wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the fear and suffering of that great city of london this day.

my thoughts are with you.

oh, and in case you live in a shoebox... here.