Monday, May 23, 2005

food glorious food!

did i mention how much i love food?

i broke my fast today at 3pm PDT with 6 strawberries and 1/3 of a granny smith apple, plus a handful of raw peanuts.

super yummmmmmmm!

okay, so i decided to break fast because i have an audition tomorrow for a 21 episode series host, and i do NOT want to be suffering from any side effects during that! that make my fast a success at 3 days and 17 hours!

it is really tough not to gobble down the whole fridge, and it's recommended to eat raw for at least a day or 2, so i will try.....but man once you eat something it's like your hunger that's all stored up blasts out all over you.

juice fast journal # 3

so today (sunday) i was scheduled to break my fast at 10pm.
here's what i decided. i will continue the juice fast at least another 12 hours, and then for as much longer as i feel like it. so...

my menu for sunday:
  • morning: herbal tea, apple juice (fresh squeezed apple juice is AMAzing)
  • afternoon: herbal tea, water
  • dinner: lettuce, collard greens, tomato, carrot, cilantro, garlic juice, cut with water
  • evening (post-walk): water; watermelon, kiwi juice

Sunday, May 22, 2005

juice fast journal # 2

i've noticed that my typing skills have gone down the drain during this fast. harrumph.
anyway, beyond that, still pretty much just coasting.

i think doing a fast with juice makes all the difference in whether you go crazy from hunger. i have been dreaming a lot about food, but am okay beyond that.

the downside of juice fasting is that here i am on day 3, and i have very small amount of detox symptoms--i.e., coating of the tongue, fatigue, etc. and if you're fasting to lose weight, well juice fasting ain't all that quick about it. i haven't shed more than a pound or two. i know that on water fasts you can lose as much as 4 pounds a day! yikes.

i say downside even though i am not suffering serious detox symptoms because i sort of feel like i am wasting all this self-control and energy. that my body isn't reaping the benefits of my efforts the way i had hoped!

most of the reading i did said that symptoms were in earnest by the 3rd day....maybe i am drinking too much juice and it is slowing things down. but i don't think so.

at any rate, small headache yesterday afternoon was relieved by a nap.

my menu yesterday, day 2:
  • morning: watermelon, kiwi, orange juice; herbal tea
  • afternoon: water, herbal tea
  • dinner: spinach, collard greens, carrot, tomato juice, cut with water
  • evening: water; herbal tea; tomato, lemon, carrot juice
i'm technically scheduled to break my fast tonight at 10, but i plan on extending it as long as i feel comfortable and am not required to have a ton of energy. the 100 degree heat this weekend has made it easy for me to lounge around inside and watch movies, other than the reading and some computer work i did.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

juice fast journal entry #1

well, i started my juice fast thursday night at 10pm.
i was not going to proceed with the plan because i was cast in a feature film reading which rehearsed last night and performs tonight, and i was concerned about my performance. but i thought i'd see and last night went well so i am going to go ahead with it. if i start to feel terrible before tonight's performance i will eat something small and raw, like maybe a banana to tide me over, but i hope not to since it'll be like starting all over.

anyway, on to the fast....
yesterday was actually not so bad. i thought i would be going crazy for some food. but unless i allowed my brain to go off on little food dream tangents, it wasn't really a big deal.
when you do a true juice fast you use freshly extracted juices, not store bought or v8 or whatever. and let me tell you the difference in taste is pretty amazing. i suppose freshly squeezed o.j. is an example since most people have had it.
the other thing is, NO PULP allowed. that's like eating part of a fruit or veggie or whatever you extracted, so it is all strained out on a juice fast.
then you can also drink herb tea and water. and you can have as much of those 3 things as you want (some people even do broth too, but i haven't felt a need for that) so that you don't feel wanting.
i got tired yesterday afternoon and took a nap before rehearsal. had a little difficulty getting up and going after that, but i managed. and once i got moving and had a veggie juice drink i was good. a bit impatient, but that's pretty normal for

my menu?

  • morning: peppermint tea, water
  • afternoon: fruit juice--watermelon, orange, apple, water
  • dinner: veggie juice--spinach, tomato, collard greens, carrot (i cut this 50/50 with water--it was intense!)
  • post-dinner: water, peppermint tea

that's it! i went to bed early (for me--midnight) and work up at 7am. not happy about that so i went back to bed for a while, mostly just lazing.
i feel good today. not really anything out of the ordinary. so cross your fingers it stays that way!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

colicky = gripe water

sorry about that last gripey post. i was feeling a wee colicky i guess. (though i still stick to the sentiment, and have had several other incidents reinforce those notions since then.....)

BUT i digress....
well, as i should--this is an off-topic blog after all--but i don't want to bore you.

what i really have to say is that i am planning my trip to scotland and have now added ireland to the itinerary! this is very exciting for me. i have been eager to travel so many places, but these 2 have been at the top of my list since paris and london got marked off. next it's italy and greece....or maybe cambodia and vietnam since i have a friend who will be living there soon....getting ahead of myself here.

anyway, i expect to spend the 3 days of my juice fast (yup, this weekend) exploring the backpacker and hostel info and getting all my plans in order.

i'll keep you posted on the fun stuff!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

the best of intentions

ever do something with great and meaningful intentions only to have it come back and unexpectedly slap you in the face?

seems that as i get older this happens more often... are people just less concerned about others, or am i perhaps getting softer in my old age?

it can't be karma~these are all good karma items i'm referring to here...

at any rate, i am sort of disgruntled about the whole thing.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


so i successfully pulled off a surprise visit to my mom in the ann arbor area for her birthday and mother's day. with the help of a brother and my step-dad, i was able to sneak into town and sit down next to her at my nephew's soccer game without her having a clue. it was great! went off without a hitch, and i was so happy to be able to visit for a few days.
i made a huge brunch this morning for my folks, my older brother and his wife, and their 3 boys (bacon, eggs, french toast, pancakes, fresh squeezed oj for the moms, and plenty of help from larry). it was a blast in spite of the "work," since i rarely get a chance to do this normal family stuff when i'm in town for a visit.
as well, my sister's son, jonah, one of my godsons, had a birthday on friday and i am hoping to get to see him and give him his gift this evening. (their family was at her in-law's for mother's day so they couldn't make it to brunch.) also like to visit with his sisters and mine.
elsewise, it is just nice to be in michigan for a few days. i miss having a family nearby--even in nyc i had a brother an hour and half away on the train in PA--and all my nieces and nephews are growing so fast....feel like aunt kate is missing out sometimes!
so that's it. i seem to have imported some southern cali style weather for the few days i am here, so i guess i won't get my snow fix....this time anyway. *wink*

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

basic common sense

i sorta pride myself on having it, basic common sense. however, i am appalled to discover that i completely ignored the Ockham's razor explanation for my recent running problems.
so...i'm off to the store. cause i'm about 99.9% sure that i just need new running shoes (or "running" shoes at all~being an all-around bargain-hunting kinda girl, the last shoes i bought were low-priced crosstrainers) to solve my problems, which are probably to be expected when your shoes are 2 years old. not to mention the exacerbation of the problem by my slightly longer and therefore harder impacting right leg. (people, don't freak out about that--it's pretty common and not freakish or noticeable to anyone but me.... i hope... *grin*)
i guess we will find out shortly. thank goodness there is a mother's day sale going on at every sporting goods store--i should still be ale to honor my bargain-hunting ways and get a decent running shoe.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

numbers numbers numbers

so the raw food diet actually made me gain 5 pounds. can you believe that crap? anyway, i have gone back to my already extremely healthy eating patterns. patooey on all those carb sugars in fruit~that was certainly my downfall.

other numbers include the fact that i keep seeing multiple numbers. particularly 1111 and 111 that sort. i'm not going to get all hokey new age on you, but it has been going on for over a month now, and it's starting to bug me out a bit. yaaaaaaaak.

also, there are 3 birthdays, of 3 generations in my family this week. what on earth are people feeling so sexy about in august, the hottest muggiest month of the year? geez.

the number of times i have considered going for a run today: 5. could be because i am watching, well, half-watching, the hawaii ironman competition. crazy people! anyway, still having trouble with the muscle in my front right calf, and now my hip as well. i did a 10-minute mile at the gym yesterday before my leg started freaking and realized how far away i am from the running machine (cough, cough) i was about 2 months ago. i must find a solution to this problem!

okay, i'm off to crunch on some edamame and watch these nutty triathletes. the first ever amputee racer is really blowing me away. especially so cause it's a woman. go estrogen!