Thursday, August 16, 2007

high time for a salt bath

so all day long i have had the michael jackson song "don't stop till you get enough" running thru my head. why? well, two reasons... first and foremost, i was splashing around in the lovely blue-green waves of the pacific ocean on my boogie board for upwards of an hour without stopping. hell, i never even got my towel out of my bag to chill in the sun for a while before my parking meter had choked down its last quarter and sent me jogging back, dripping saltwater and smiles.
the second reason is that i had another moment of self-awareness in my salty meditation time today, wherein i recognized again my drive and passion for my career as an actor. the constant question from loved ones and strangers alike of "how long are you going to keep doing this?" was answered deep in my soul once again. the same answer that's always been there when i stop to take a real look. only this time i was answered with a good jaunty rhythm and semi-disco beat. "don't stop till you get enough."
i won't. believe me, i won't.